Tyra Runner

Imagine that you wake up and find yourself in a large dessert without anyone or any creatures here. You are alone in the center of the world of sand and cactuses. You don’t know why you are here but just know you must escape from this hell to save your life. Keep running and trying until you are safe. At abcya fighting games, Tyra Runner is a cool endless runner game in which your main objective is to run as far as possible.

The only way to escape is to destroy the cactus along the way with your powerful punch and special skills. The key to earning a high score is to take action at the right moment. With a second, you may directly crash into the cactus and die. Remember that you have only one life. There is no second chance in each play. However, you have many chances to try by playing several times and set your record. After that, you can break it to reach a new level.

On https://abcyagames.games/, your character automatically runs and you just need to determine the right time to punch to destroy the cactus standing in front of you. Wait until your special skill is fully charged and use it to release the power. With this special move, these annoying cactuses can’t stop your way. Let’s see how long can you run and what is the highest score can you get. If you fail after a few seconds play, don’t give up.

Keep moving and you will have a better result next time. Enjoy other action games available for free on our site. 2 of the best choices for you are Puppet Soccer Zoo and Angry Gran

How to play:

Left click to punch and use the special skill.