Angry Gran

The new match that started the Angry Gran series has come back to ABCya land and this time, it's time for you to join our granny on the new adventure. There are plenty of gangs and punks around this neighborhood. They have been making a mess, therefore, you need to assist our granny to take them down. Your job is to join granny while taking up the streets and whacks individuals punk neighbors!

For each opponent that you manage to whack, you will gain money. However, the best prize is the satisfaction of kicking and punching these bad guys. You can use the cane, stick and even her purse to perform the strongest punches and hits that you can! There is no time limit in this game at so you are free to enjoy it for as long as you like.

The graphics are bright and cartoon-like to help both adults and children to enjoy the simple gameplay. It's the perfect choice if you are under stress after work. While moving on the pavement, keep in mind that you can always skip one or two punks if you fail to whack them in time. More will come later so that you can demonstrate your fabulous skills with street fighting!

It's really easy to control and grasp, so players from all around the globe have tried it out and rated with high stars. Will you be able to make it to the top of the Leaderboard and create the highest record? Don't forget other funny games for relaxing such as Talking Tom Gold Run and SkiFree!


Use the mouse or tap on the mobile screen to interact with granny.