Scrap Metal 3

Scrap Metal 3is an amazing 3D car driving game that you can play here on abcya racing games. This game brings you even more freedom, and 4 new cars. Drive as fast as you can, enjoy the happy time. Explore the mountains, overcome different kinds of obstacles, and enjoy the high speeds! 


Whenever you want, you can switch between a “Jeed Veroke”, a “Sobaru Enpreza”, a powerful monster truck and more vehicles. You can also place ramps, loops, balls and even a poor little person you can roll over. Feel free to do whatever you want with no rules or other cars getting in your way. Enjoy the cool graphics of this great driving game. Have fun! update the basic gaming tips that players can hardly ignore. Discover other journeys as you start your own game such as............ Similar games with this game will be more interesting than ever. 



Use the Arrows/ WASD to drive

Space to handbrake

1-8 number keys to select different views

Use the mouse to work with obstacles

R to repair

T to slow down time

I to inventory

L to switch the lights

Enter to reset the car

Shift to use the clutch