Block Tech: Epic Sandbox

All the resources, blocks and technologies you need are available right here in ABCya fun game: Block Tech: Epic Sandbox! It's a recently added game with new 3D graphics and modern gaming technology for you to share with your friends. It's also a great option for the fans of building and crafting game. The task is to create a unique car of your own from the blocks given to you.

Each player starts off the game with a limited budget of his and her own. You can use the money to purchase some basic blocks and base equipment. These should be the first items to be added to the car. Then, by moving it around and exploring the world at, you can gain extra coins. Keep upgrading the pieces and come up with the best design to make your car stand out!

A tip is to combine the unimaginable blocks to make the uncommon result. Feel free to spread your imagination and bring your dream car to life! The overall process is enjoyable and suitable for growing kids since it helps them to develop their thinking and crafting skills. Moreover, even adults can take the time to dive into this thanks to the elaborated gameplay and epic pieces of blocks.

There is a ranking board for the players with the best car, so try your best to get in there! For more epic pixelated worlds, try out some games like Traffic Car Revolt and Impossible Stunt Tracks


Use WASD or arrow keys to drive the car

The mouse to choose pieces and interact.