IO Games - Grow to be the biggest player in any IO game at ABCya games!

It's the fiercest battles to stay alive among the toughest competitions against some of the best players from ABCya land! If you have been familiar with the classic theme of IO games, the missions here will be a piece of cake for you! The usual requirement is to swallow the randomly generated food around the map, which slightly increases a cell's mass. For beginners, feel free to challenge yourself with any game.

Each choice from the gaming selections comes with detailed tutorials to help you out. By constantly finding food, your character can become significantly bigger, therefore, has more chances of eating smaller cells. Don't let it become a target or being swallowed by larger cells. You can choose to go with the Battle Royale free theme or register to find the strong team of your own. The latter option helps to record your old progress for further play in the future, so it's much more convenient.

Not only will you gain tons of playing tips from the failure but you can also make friends from all around the globe. Be ready for real-time chatting while exploring the map. Avoiding any collision with opponents that are bigger than you at the few first minutes of the games will be a pretty good strategy since it helps to keep your size and speed. Keep one thing in mind as you consume more food: the longer your character is, the harder it is to move.

IO games such as Surviv.ioTalking Tom Io and allow so many people to play at the same time, therefore, gather some friends to have fun in the same server! Will you be able to withstand all the obstacles and push the other players out? Write your name on the top list at ABCya games!