Action Games - Emerge in the action-themed platform of ABCya online games

It's time for the adrenaline rush while conquering the action tasks in ABCya with the prominent action features! All the intense games ranging from 2player games, shooting games, fighting games and combating games will be available for you! You will get the chance to fight against the strongest army, fight off the aliens who are trying to take over the planet or enjoy the freedom of street fights. After these games, your boredom will vanish away. If you choose to participate in the shooting games, make sure that you check out the collection of different weapons in each game.

Different eras require different weapons to complete the work. Learning to take advantage of your experience, movement and weapons will be essential for battles and duels, but you can always practice a little bit more with our endless games. For the games that take place in the space, prepare yourself for the most mind-blowing launching of missiles, punches, and fights in the middle of the air. Don't miss the countless amazing 3D graphics and the live-action game where you go up against the real-time players.

Don't forget to read the instructions carefully before tackling any challenge. We have tons of tips for new beginners hidden inside the guidelines at ABCya action games, which will give you leverage during the process. Of course, the basic requirements for the players are the bravery, a good strategy, and the great hand-eye coordination. Your protagonist will do it all! The list of outstanding games includes some of the most famous action games on the internet right now such as Rebel ForcesRobot Escape and Dojo of Death

Are you ready to explore all these secret bases on-air, hidden towers and coolest spaceships with just a click? Avoid depleting the character's health bar and you will survive just fine!