Baby Hazel Crafts Time

As the deadline for Baby Hazel's craft assignment is coming up, she is in need of a friend who can help her out with this hard work. She has to submit to her school soon, so can you join this ABCya game 2019 to give her a hand? Hazel seeks help from you in completing the assignment since you are one of the most talented crafters here! The task that you need to accomplish is to finish the craftwork with our adorable girl.

However, the first important thing is to find and go shopping for the necessary items for the assignment in a stationary shop. Move along the aisles and pick up the items as written on the note. Don't miss out on anything because all of them are crucial to generating the complete result.

Start with the real crafting work using the gathered items. You will have to help her out with a wide range of mini-tasks, ranging from cutting the paper, putting the pieces together using the glue, painting and many more. Be patient with the miscellaneous and separate pieces since these can be mixed up easily. After you are done, wait a little bit at to find out what teacher rewards Baby Hazel when she sees the excellent craft assignment with your help!

Not just having a fun-filled craft time with Baby Hazel, you have the chance to learn plenty of tips and tricks on how to handle the craftwork in the most careful way. Try out more girl games like Princess and Pets Photo Contest and Multiverse Elsa to meet other girls!


Use the mouse cursor to interact with Hazel.