Load Up and Kill

Load Up And Kill is an puzzle game that you can play here on http://abcyagames.games/. This game has simple graphics. In this game, you will be given 6 weapons, including: chainsaw, pistol, short gun, machine gun, sniper-gun and katana. Your task in this game is to find a way to load up the weapon and use it to kill the prisoner.

There are seven ways to kill the prisoner. With 6 weapons you will have 6 ways to kill the prisoner. The prisoner was behind the cell door. In order to enter this room at abcya best games, you need to load up your weapon. For example, you choose katana and you have to drag the shell out so that you can use it. Still another special way, please continuously click on the bottom of the cell door to find this secret.

You can do this as often as you want. And you can choose from a rich arsenal of weapons. Just click the right spots to activate your murder weapon and enter the room. You've got 500 seconds to complete your job. Much fun!

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Use the mouse to play this game