is a unique io multiplayer platform game that you can play here on abcya best games. In this title, you control a salmon that is swimming in the sea – you must help the salmon grow in size and reach the goal area. Your goal is to reach as far as possible collecting little stars to grow and jumping really high to get to the next zone. Much time!

With at, you will get the chance to live the life of one of this beautiful living beings. Whatever you do, you must also watch out for vicious bears who are trying to catch the salmon and eat them! You must jump over the bears and watch out for their powerful paws as they swipe at you! Can you conquer the seas, outsmart the predators and reign as the fastest and most powerful salmon? You must try and gain the highest score and reach the finish line in the quickest time. 

We also introduce some other IO games like and Unlock all with the highest score and gold coins to use your weapon upgrade.


Use the mouse to jump