Impostor vs noob

You play as a traitor who must defeat all foes on a level in order to progress to the next. An intriguing adventure in the Cube Universe awaits you, with intriguing levels, enjoyable gameplay, and characters. Pass this test, and you'll be a true professional impersonator! Use a handgun to shoot the newbies. Exciting dynamics that make each level memorable 100+ different and colorful levels Various biomes include grass, sand, snow, lava, fortunate blocks, the ocean, and much more! Check it out and don’t forget to discover more games on our site. And make sure you always check the latest choices added every day. Some of the best choices for you are Alone II and Realistic Wheelbarrow at ABCya action games!

Instruction:  Aim carefully and shoot all the Noobs you see/ Use dynamite to get multiple Noobs eliminated at once/ Remember that you only have limit bullets.