Rambo Hit Em Up

You will take on the role of a Rambo hero and attempt to eliminate all zombies on a varied map on Abcya game. The monster will always find a way to overcome you, survive, and save the planet.

For those who enjoy heavy weapons, Rambo Hit Em Up is a big bombardment game. The ability to destroy the adversary will astound the players. Strange green monsters lurk in gloomy warehouses in various nooks and crevices, like zombies. Everything will be controlled by grenades that explode massively, and the interesting thing is that you will always be immortal and untouched by your own grenade. Monsters' bodies exploding will make you admire them.

Destroy all of the monsters that can lurk in any corner of the tunnel, hovering above or beneath your feet. They are unable to attack, however they will seek cover in areas with cover. Make sure your grenades land in the monsters' nests and blow them up. To destroy faster, you should use numerous reflexes. The grenade's impact reflectivity and the explosions are true to physics. Deflecting bullets against readily overturned obstructions should be avoided because they can fall over you, limiting your range. Some equipment, such as pendulums, will be available to give your grenade greater momentum; utilize them wisely. Prepare to enjoy a fantastic graphic space with Rambo Hit Em Up on https://abcyagames.games/

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