Football Championship 2016

Football Championship 2016 is a terrific soccer game that you can play here on abcya for kids. Finally, the new season is here! The sun is out and the grass has been cut, time to team up for the 2015-2016 Champions League in this cool installment of the popular soccer game series. Start playing matches against countries all over the world. Whether you prefer tiki-taka style, or you like going for the long pass, you can play your soccer style in this fun soccer game. Can you achieve world domination?

Select from all the sports heads your favourite soccer player and let your first match of the Football Championship 2016 begin. Define the spin of each shot, the shot power and the direction of your kicks to score. Stop goals from opponents with a quick click in the anticipated area of the post to ensure you win that well-deserved football trophy! suggest players the latest gaming tips that you can hardly miss. Start exploring new games such as Soccer Doctor 3. Every game becomes complete with your abilities. Discover today. 


Use the Arrow keys to Move / Jump

Space to Kick