School Panic

School Panic needs some of the best students to come and join the mission of locating and gathering books in ABCya kid games 2019. Unfortunately, the books from our library have disappeared. It turns out that they are scattered all over the school. Your mission is to become a good student by finding all the books that are scattered around the school. The only thing that will prevent you from finishing the work is the bully.

They will hide and move from one corner to another, so it's best if you can avoid them at all cost. Keep in mind that the main goal is to gather books. The game has amazing 3D graphics and pixelated style of design that can be found in the classic Minecraft games. The school map is so huge that it will take you a while to get used to the hall, classrooms, and stadium. Will you be able to find all the hidden books in such a large place?

Moreover, you can freely control the movement of your character, from interacting with other students in the school at to picking up the books and running away. All of the control keys will be explained carefully to ensure that even a beginner can enjoy the game to the best of his or her extent.

Take advantage of the feature that allows you to look from a different point of view to search faster. Don't forget about other hilarious games like Fireboy And Watergirl 3 Ice Temple and Flex Snake!

How to play:

Use E key to interact,

Q to grab coins and books,

WASD to move,

Left mouse to change the view.