City Stunts

City Stunts is the crazy driving game which is playable on abcya jogos online. If you enjoy those types of driving games with no rules, where you can just speed around the city on different cars and performing cool stunts, then you should definitely try this one. In this game, you are able to jump behind the wheel of a fuel guzzling stunt car and perform the most radical stunts on the city streets. Race around a city full of tower blocks and skyscrapers whilst back flipping through the sky. There are plenty of ramps and loops for you to test your driving skills on. 

Imagine a whole city has been evacuated, filled with loops and ramps, and all that’s left is you and an undestroyable vehicle which, by the way, can be a luxury car, a jeep or a bus. At, you have complete freedom to explore and perform stunts as you go, spend as much time as you want! Have fun!

We also introduce some other racing games like Pursuit Race and Car Simulator Arena. Unlock all with the highest score and gold coins to use your weapon upgrade.


Use the Arrows / WASD to drive

Hold Space to handbrake