Stupid Space Shooter

One of the most classic arcade games that you usually find in the old arcade game stations is Stupid Space Shooter. Now, ABCya 2019 brings back this well-known game and adds some twist to upgrade it for the players of new generations. It remains as a casual space fighting game where you will control your spaceship to tackle the others.

There are two main tasks for you to complete. First, gather some floating weapons and power-ups around you to boost the capacity and the power range of the spaceship. These will show up randomly and without any order, therefore, you need to look out for them.

Now, once you chose to start, there will be enemies blasting at you. Dodge the bullets and move swiftly to shoot them down. Don't let them shoot at your ship since yours will explode at the touch of one bullet. This is the part that requires the flexibility and adaptability of the players since this version at is a little bit harder.

However, we guarantee that you will have the best fun time while trying to survive as long as possible! Can you beat your previous high score to set a new record? Tackle this space battle right now and try out other space games such as SuperHot and Gun Flipper as well!


Use WASD or Arrows to control the spaceship.

Use the spacebar to shoot.

Mobile version has an auto-fire feature.