Restoration Master

Welcome to the Restoration Master game. It is very exciting to watch how old and forgotten things take on a new life! So become a restorer yourself in the game Restoration Master. Create your own workshop for the restoration of various things. You will bring back to life a wide variety of things-from an old candlestick to modern weapons and rare knives. The Restoration Master is waiting for you with: unique game mechanics; -addictive gameplay; -more than a hundred different levels; -various collections of items: common, rare, premium, and VIP items; -game pass system; -rewards for completing levels; -and much more. Plunge into the amazing world of Restoration Master right now! Check it out and don’t forget to discover more games on our site. And make sure you always check the latest choices added every day. Some of the best choices for you are Kitten Hide And Seek and Sweet Shop 3D at

Instruction: Use the mouse or touchscreen to control it. Follow the instructions of the game. First, open the item box. On the table you will see a dirty item. First, it must be soaked in water. Then apply the cleaner from the can and wait for the foam to soak up the dirt. After that, wipe everything with a rag and the cleaned item will go into your collection. Restore the poor condition of items. Make the item new. Gather collections.