In Yumy. IO at abcya best io games, a fun and addictive online multiplayer IO game, you control those infernal holes in the ground. Today you will get to play on the other side of pure evil. Control a tiny little hole moving through the city swallowing all kinds on tasty objects, from traffic cones to the Eiffel Tower. So don’t stop eating or another, bigger player will have you for lunch! Go get them all and become the leader of the match. Enjoy Yumy IO!

In Yummy io game, you have the opportunity to choose one of the three suggested game modes. Plus a new map of the city and changed 3D graphics. In the rest everything is the same – there is allotted time, rivals and the city. The challenge is to absorb more objects than other competitors. You can also set your own new records in single player mode. The larger black hole, the more large objects can be absorbed.

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Use the mouse to play this game