Unpuzzle is a great puzzle game that you can play here on abcya jogos online. In this game, you must reverse the puzzle and remove the pieces in order to leave only a blank space. The objective is to remove every single piece. Basically you work backwards and instead of adding the pieces in, you remove them one by one. You can only remove the pieces in a certain order and you must work out the pattern to complete the level. 

The gameplay starts of easily with simple white jigsaw puzzle pieces but progresses to include numbered squares that you can only remove when the counter has turned past one. Here at https://abcyagames.games/, each puzzle piece can only be removed in a certain way or direction – you cannot move a jigsaw piece that has two other pieces connected to it, and you can’t move a jigsaw piece that has another piece blocking its path. 

As the levels progress the puzzles become increasingly complex and you must really use your brain to work out the correct order and movements. If you feel stuck - use a hint, skip the level, or just close the game, take a break, and continue from where you left off once you are ready. How many levels can you complete? Can you master the art of Unpuzzle?

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Use the mouse to play this game