Tzared is a great real time strategy game which is playable on abcya io games. Like in the classic Age of Empire series every faction has his unique features. Collect materials and build up your army, go ahead and test your warmaster skills. It’s also possible to engage multiplayer battles if your like to challenge your best friends or a random online player.

At the beginning, you have very little, only the castle and a few subjects. So start mining stone or chopping wood. When you have enough raw materials, you can continue building the city and later also the troops. Of course, the goal in this game at is to create the largest army and destroy all enemies. In addition, the game also offers multiplayer if you want to play with real players or with your friends. You can even create your own map, so enjoy it.

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Use themouse button to interact

Use arrow keys to move the camera view

Use mouse scroll to zoom in/out