Traffic Car Revolt

Prepare yourself for one of the most current racing games at ABCya racing games! It's Traffic Car Revolt, a fabulous combination of car racing game and adventure game. By combining these two special sub-genres, the creators of this game allow the players to take advantage of all their skill sets. The tasks consist of two important basic missions.

You will be in charge of driving the car in order to reach the furthest point and collecting coins along the way. However, more than just coins, keep an eye out for other useful tools and bonuses to gain a high score. Will you be able to dominate the top rankings on the Leaderboard?

First, choose your desired racing tracks. Each of the tracks has its own shapes and challenges, therefore, it's best if you pick the suitable one to your experience. Pay attention to the speed barometer and the gas control bar on the screen at to make sure that your car doesn't run out of gas in the middle of the race. During the real races, you should take advantage of the curve parts to bypass the other competitors. The scores are calculated based on your rank at the finish line.

By winning races, you can unlock better models of cars or purchase plenty of updates from the store! Keep up with the racing game collection and try out new games like Stock Car Hero and Hill Drift 3D

How to play:

Drive with WASD or arrow keys and interact using the mouse.