Tomatoz Slicer

Tomatoz Slicer brings back the joy in the classic chopping games! This has the same gameplay as the other fruits cutting games at ABCya land, but the creators added a twist. The players will transform into the elite ninjas in this slicing game with the sole mission of defeating all the tomatoes. This is your sworn enemy. Can you do your best to chop all these red juicy tomatoes into pieces? Your job is to wait until the tomatoes are tossed in the air.

When they reach the right height, aim to chop them off. Don't let them fall! If they fall off the screen, it will be hard for you to get another chance. There are a few different types of tomatoes that you need to pay attention to in this game at First, the normal red tomatoes will be easy to chop off with one slice, however, the yellow ones require more than one chop to break.

When it comes to the tomatoes with the X symbols, you need to avoid because those are bombs. Slice the hearts will give you an extra life while the stars give extra points. The hard part is to aim correctly despite the chaos of the tomatoes. Since the bombs will blend among the normal tomatoes, you need to be extra careful to avoid the explosion.

The graphics are adorable and bright to create satisfaction while playing. It's a good choice for kids of all ages, alongside with other nice interaction games like Tangerine Tycoon and Color Couple Bump 3D

How to play:

Slice by tapping on the screen or using the mouse.