To Build a Better Mousetrap

To Build a Better Mousetrap is a semi-abstract management strategy game that you can play here on abcya adventure games. In this newly, you will take control of a mouse that would like to start a company. Everyone needs to eat, and your goal is to maximize your company’s profit while keeping everyone sane and fed in To Build a Better Mousetrap! Find the right balance between automation and manual labor to become efficient and well respected.

This time you are the manager of a factory filled with hard working mouses. The goal of the game  at is to maximize profit while keeping all the employees, as well as the unemployed happy. Everyone needs to eat you know! Keep everyone sane and fed to avoid riot and create the best “mousetrap” you can do. Drag the mouse around and switch them up from time to time to keep them fed. Good luck.

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Use the mouse to play this game