Taco Blaster

The newly developed side-scrolling type of game such as Taco Blaster from ABCya 2019 is one of the great choices for the players who love the intense gameplay with high speed. More than just avoiding the obstacles aiming at you, in this game, you will have to control the movements of the spaceship as well. The ship will have to complete the full mission of flying through the strange world where tacos are flying everywhere.

To keep the ship intact, move without crashing into the tacos. Since this game has a side-scrolling design, you will only see the obstacles coming from a short distance. This can create a hard point for beginners. However, after a few trials, you will master the skills needed for this game at https://abcyagames.games/! Get your training time to sharpen the estimation skills, the flexibility, and the quick reaction. These three elements are the most important in generating the highest scores possible.

For each turn, you only have three limited hearts which represent three chances of failure. Don't crash or fail more than three times! Of course, the speed of the game increases slowly to add more hardship and challenges to its original game.

Fun gameplay along with colorful and vibrant graphics will contribute to making this one relaxing game for kids of all ages. Keep playing with other new games such as Elite Snipers and Chicken Shooter

How to play:

Use the up and down arrows to move, Spacebar to shoot.