Squares Challenge

Your task in Squares Challenge, the new kid game from ABCya land is not as easy as it sounds. There is a whole colorful map full of squares for you to interact and have fun with. The task is to collect all squares with the given color during each turn and try to get the longest chain length.

Only the squares with the same color in the chain will be counted. If you attach a new square that has a different color, the chain will be broken immediately. This feature will test your ability to detect the squares with the right colors fast while moving on the screen so as not to miss out on any opportunity to make the chain longer. However, the game gets harder when you progress further.

The requirement might change midway to create more challenges for the players. Sometimes, collecting squares with different colors to make a line with color you want to destroy is the strategy needed for success at https://abcyagames.games/. It's up to you to choose the method and strategy to reach the finish line while accomplishing the goal!

We guarantee that you will have a blast with this summer game thanks to the adorable graphics, fun and challenging rules along with the slowly increasing difficulty level. Will you be able to create a long chain full of your desired color? Tackle other games with a fun theme like Tomatoz Slicer and Remove FRFR for the best of your playtime!

How to play:

Gather the square using the mouse cursor.