Sparta: War of Empires

Greece stands on the brink of disaster. Sparta struggles to unite a thousand rival cities in time to stop the rising tide of a Persian invasion. In Sparta: War of Empires at abcya 2020, you take command of a Spartan village and lead it to glory. Manage your resources carefully, expand your capabilities to produce and train warriors and then send them to war. There is only so much that valor can buy. For everything else Sparta: War of Empires will need your clear-eyed strategy and tremendous tactical skill. Lead the way to victory! 

Victory promises a new golden age - failure will see the forces of Xerxes wipe the free Greek civilization from the face of the ancient world. Raise your shield, lift your spear, and join formation. Do you have what it takes to fight with Sparta?

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Use the mouse to play this game