Semi Driver

Semi Driver is a top-down 3D truck driving simulator game which is playable on abcya 4 school online. In this game, your main mission is to reach various places and ultimately park the truck correctly without damaging the truck or the environment. The challenge lies in the busy streets, narrow roads, and the entire area itself. You may think you have skills behind the wheel, but do you have what it takes to park a 45ft long trailer perfectly without crashing? 

Each level presents a different 3D cityscape, you must navigate – drive by cars, buildings and other vehicles until you reach your final destination. Follow the yellow arrow in the top left corner and try to park your truck in the designated space. Try to park the truck at the right area in this challenging truck driving simulator at - Semi Driver! This game may look easy, but it is much harder than you think! Can you become a successful semi driver?

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Use the Arrows / WASD to drive

Use the mouse to shift gear / change view