Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. DX

You can play this game for free on Abcya. What are your rock-paper-scissors skills? It's a fun and easy approach to figure out who is correct. But what if it's turned into a free relic guardians arcade ver. dx game? Take a look at the most difficult rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock challenge ever! It's a classic turn-based role-playing game. 

You have a total of four heroes. Each character has unique attributes and abilities. They enter a gateway and slay the adversaries to collect all ancient artifacts. But don't be too easy on yourself. Your opponents have skills that are practically identical to yours, and they will not hesitate to utilize them. Consumables, which may be used at any time during a battle, are another advantage you have.

You can invite friends to join or play with other online game players around the world. Some of the same games we introduced to players such as Mr Wick Chapter One. Choose your favorite game today.