Princess Ella Soft vs Grunge

Princess Ella on Abcya games is on the lookout for her own personal style. She experiments with a new look called "Soft." The soft girl subculture prefers to dress in comfy and soft clothing. Pink and peach tones dominate the makeup. The style's overall look is infused with emotionality and sensuality, as well as compassion and sensitivity. Prints of rainbows, love, stars, bears, and clouds are all acceptable.

The aesthetics include a lot of childlike characteristics. The grunge fashion trend is the polar opposite of the soft fashion trend. It's arrogant, disorderly, and socially rebellious. The direction's entire essence is made up of these characteristics: blending incompatible parts, putting comfort and convenience first, and a genuine disregard for fashion. Torn and stretched garments are typical of the grunge fashion aesthetic. The foundation of grunge clothing is specially aged apparel, wrinkled T-shirts, and sweaters that appear to be out of scale. What happens if you combine these two genres to form a new genre known as Softgrunge?

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Controls: Mouse and Finger