Polywar 2

Polywar 2 is the intense warfare shooting game which is playable on abcya action games. This game is full of unique creative weapons and competitive elements. You control a member of the allied forces and you trying to liberate the land of all of the Nazi’s that have invaded it. 

Pick up your weapon and take to the battlefield trying to defeat as many Nazis as you can. Jump behind the controls of an earth moving battle tank to cause some real destruction. You must complete each mission that you have been set by your commander and save the day. The visual effect of this game at https://abcyagames.games/ is very cool, this game contains a number of detection equipment and ability, you can explore the island and find many interesting things. Good luck Soldier!

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Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

Left click or Z to shoot

Right click or X to throw a grenade

Space bar to jump

Left Shift or C to activate hammer time

E to enter a vehicle