Only the best shooters who can aim precisely within a short timeframe can dominate the battle at Not only is this a unique battle arena game recently added to ABCya land but it also has a cool design and unique point of view. You can keep track of the gaming progress from the top view, which makes it much easier to know where to drop the bombs. Of course, the ultimate goal is to defeat the other players sharing the same map using your set of bombs.

This is also the only weapon that you have for attacking and killing others. First thing first, explore the map site and get to know the location of the enemies around you. Since there are a limited number of bombs and limited time range, don't waste any explosives or bombs that are in your hand. Take precise and predictive shots for confirmed kills. It will be a waste if you aim yet fail to score a point.

Keep in mind that the more confirmed kills you have got, the more chances for you to unlock powerful mortars later in the game at Pay attention to the Stat around the corner of the screen to keep track of the energy level and the number of enemies as well. If you are looking for more action-based games like and Go Eat, come to our website to explore further.


Use W or Up arrow key to move forward

S and Down to fall back.

Left click to set drop point, release to drop the bombs.