Loo Hero

Loo Hero is a high-quality battle game that you can play here on jogos abcya 2020. In this game, you have to help the loo hero which is riding a toilet instead of a horse to slay enemies and travel through the kindom. Gain enough money to upgrade the chevalier and his armor to the maximum in order to be prepared for the final battle against the big boss. Much fun!

A legendary toilet monster is terrorising the kingdoms’ locals and making the lives of farmers and soldiers a nightmare. The entire population is being tortured by this beast that steals all of their loo roll. Only a brave and slightly crazy hero can fight this vile evil! Here at http://abcyagames.games/, sitting valiantly astride his noble steed (toilets with legs), our hero will have to charge full speed ahead and kill all monsters in his path. Stop off at the various traders en route to spend the gold you earn to improve your knight’s skills.

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Use the mouse to move/ attack