Links Puzzle

It's time to test your brainstorming skills with a new logic game called Links Puzzle from ABCya 2019! Not only is it a cool puzzle game that offers you a simple and unique challenge but it also has one of the best graphics. Enjoy the glowing sticks and blocks with the bright color palette to get a kick start for your creativity! The main goal is to recreate the same pattern as shown on the left side of the screen by moving the blocks.

The hard part is that some of the blocks are linked together to prevent them from moving separately and freely around. There is a limitation on the number of moves that you can use as well, which will push the players to try and find out the best way to pass every level.

The person with the least moves shall gain the most scores and get a high ranking on the board. You can customize your own puzzle experience by choosing from a variety of game modes at Add special features to make the game harder and more challenging! We have the special color switchers or magic teleporters that can be used as boosters and tools to solve your puzzles faster. Don't hesitate to use them when you can't move forward.

However, keep in mind that there are not many of them, so use them wisely and timely to create the best result possible. Other puzzle games such as Tomatoz Slicer and Squares Challenge might be your favorites soon!


Use the mouse cursor to move the pieces around.