Idle Tree

Idle Tree is a wonderful idle game that you can play here on abcya puzzle games. Have you ever tried growing a tree? You are a child who wants to help the tree grow and become big. To do this you must stomp the ground for whatever reason. Each click stomps the ground and each stomp earns you money. You must use the money to upgrade your character or move on to the next tree phase! What type of tree will you grow?

Check out this funny idle clicker game where you boost the growth of the tree by stomping the ground in Idle Tree at! Click on the green to grow your first plant. Use your income to pay for upgrades, which will impact the growing of your Idle Tree immense. You also can buy more seeds to get more and more plants and trees. Goal of this incremental idle clicker game is to evolve your tiny forest to the max. Much fun!

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Use the mouse to play this game