Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator on Abcya games is a game for hunters. It's as simple as that: hunt or be hunted. You have hunter instincts; animals are nearby. Upgrade your weapons for a clear shot, and the closer you get to the hunt, the better your chances are. As the clock ticks down, you must obtain a clear shot before going on a hunt. 

Some animals are dangerous and will retaliate if provoked. It gives you unlocked levels for each perfect shot, but watch the timer because it can run out quickly, and remember that every shot counts. If you make it out alive, you'll have a story to tell your friends and some prizes to display in your living room. The competition has begun!

So enjoy every moment and make sure you check out other choices of games available for free on our site such as King Soldiers Ultimate Edition and Assault Zone at

Instructions: Use Right Click for Zooming.