Horror Granny

If you are looking for a chance to dive into a dark game setting with a horror theme, this new game at ABCya land called Horror Granny will be one the suitable ones for you to try out this summer! It has been recently added and available without any cost. The main rules are pretty simple. All you have to do is to run away from the scary granny that is inside this abandoned and haunted house.

Since you are trapped inside the house, you will have to locate the way out by opening all the possible doors while running away from the granny. She will pop up from one room to another as she is trying to catch up with you. Be brave so as to survive the scary vibe and gain the strength to search for the right doors.

By solving some additional quizzes and picking up the scattered objects, you get a better chance of opening more doors leading to new rooms. There are lots of levels in this scary gameplay, each with its own characteristics and unique points, therefore, we guarantee that you will have fun nonetheless!

At https://abcyagames.games/, the players might become a little overwhelmed at first due to the darkness covering the screen. You will get used to it after a few minutes so don't worry too much. The most important element in this game is to stay calm before any jump scares or strange creatures. Explore more strange houses with other horror games like Xtreme Paintball Wars and Paintball Wars!


Use arrow keys to move

E to use the items

The spacebar to jump.