is a multi-player and fast paced shooting game that you can play here on abcya 2020. You control a single character and must fight against other online players for domination of the arena. You can choose from a range of different weapons including a handgun, machine gun and rifle. Additionally you can change your armor type which affects your movement speed. 

Choose a weapon, enter a field full of armed players from around the world and eliminate them all. Hide behind walls to protect yourself while you keep shooting and throwing grenades at your opponents. 

As you rack up kills you can increase your stats and choose upgrades to make your character a formidable fighting weapon. There is also a designated area on the map where you generate XP automatically. Upgrade your shooter and try to be the leader of the match, killing everything that moves until you end up dead in that bullet hell. Be careful of the attacking by others. Call your friends play it together! Enjoy!

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Use the Arrows/ WASD to move

Mouse to aim / shoot