Flex Snake

Move the snake around the space in Flex Snake alongside other players from around the globe to have the most fun! This is one of ABCya new games that come with the theme of simulation games. By allowing the players to freely roam the area to search for food, the game will create fun and chaotic gameplay! You have to gather all the possible glowing dots and food to grow your own snake.

Your snake keeps on moving in this game, so the only element that you can control is the direction that it's heading. Of course, the bigger snakes can attack the smaller ones, so beware of your bigger opponents. Steer clear from the area that has lots of enemies to keep your snake intact. Remember that the bigger your snake is, the more chances that it will become a target.

Another rule for you is to avoid biting on your own tail! This simulation game has the most elaborated graphics and real-time players, along with the large space for exploring. Pay attention to the chatbox on the corner of the screen at https://abcyagames.games/ to communicate and have fun with your fellow players!

The game requires flexible controlling skills and good navigation to avoid crashing to the edge. Will you create the strongest snake? Take some time off and check out more fun games such as Tap On Bubble and Flappy Color Switch later.

How to play:

Spacebar to start playing, left and right arrow keys to rotate the snakehead.