Fishing Duels

Fishing Duels on ABCya games is a multiplayer match-3 game for two on the ocean floor! While engaging on Fishing Duels adventures, a sharp eye and a good strategy are what you need to prove yourself the best fisherman! Chubby orange fish are floating on the board amongst other fishing items. Collecting those fish and meeting your score before your opponent will grant you a super fishy victory! Enjoy every moment here as always and make sure you check out other options available on our site such as Candy Tile Blast and Odd Elimination at

Instruction: Each Fishing Duels board contains a maximum of 81 cells. Each cell may contain a fish or some other object. The player who first collects the required number of fish is the winner. Fish can be collected by switching and matching 3 or more of them horizontally or vertically. A number of fishing items, such as floating markers, hooks, rods, wormbaits, and basket traps, can be collected as well, while they are used to get you in-game power ups.