Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner is an exciting fidget spinner game that you can play here on abcya 2020. This free Fidget Spinner game is a virtual online version of the popular toy. Players are in charge to spin the virtual Fidget Spinner as fast as possible and make it rotate as many times as possible. Rotating, spinner fills the bar at the top of the screen with grey color. The higher is the number of rotations the higher is the filled and the more coins you will receive after the toy stops spinning. 

Controlling your spinner in the Fidget Spinner game is really easy. The whole bar is circa 150 spins. There is a number at the end of the bar, it shows how many times will be the number of received coins multiplied. Each time you fill the bar completely, the number will get higher. Wait till your Fidget Spinner get really slow and only then spin it again, thus you'll reach the higher number of rotations. Coins are needed to buy new fidget spinner models and skins. There are spinners in different colors, with different number of blades and with all possible forms of blades. also suggest giving players some other exciting games so you can relax in your free time such as Nano War 2. Please choose a game that suits your interests and degrees. Your age and join today.


Just put the cursor on the toy, hold the left mouse button and move your mouse first forward and then backward. Stop your spinner by clicking on symbol on the right side of the screen.