Farm Days

If your dream is to live on your farm while cultivating and growing, take a few days at Farm Days from ABCya land to find out what it feels like! In this simulator game for kids, you have the chance to do everything from scratch. Building and developing your farm from the available resources will be one of the most useful experience. More than just the fun storyline, there will be excellent 3D graphics and beautifully drawn animals for your enjoyment. Crops will have to be planted from the seed.

First, purchase the bags of your desired seeds from the store and plant them in the soil. While waiting for them to fully grow, it's time you think about which animal to bring into this lovely farm. Chickens, milk cows and dogs are the popular choices since they will be helpful to you.

With just a few hours in the game at you can experience the whole day as a farmer with a new life. The game gets better when you collect your fully-grown crops and sell them at the store. Don't forget to use the gained money and expand your farm with more profitable crops and animals. It's the chance to practice your business skills as well.

With the right investment, love for your animals and crops, we guarantee that you can have the most harvested farm out there! Also, there are lots of other games on our website with the farm theme like School Panic and Little Farm Clicker. Take the chance to freely explore them!

How to play:

Interact using the left mouse.