Elite Snipers

You get the chance to get a tap on the job of elite snipers in this new ABCya shooting game where you will perform the most dangerous missions. Like most other snipers, you need to carry out the tasks of shooting down the enemies from a far distance. It's time to test your eyesight and ability to pull the trigger without shaking! Can you manage to give the enemy a fatal blow within a limited range?

The game has up to 20 mission levels coordinated with 6 different types of enemies to make it much more challenging. The first thing you need to do is to use the binocular to look at the correct area of the map. Use these binoculars wisely since there are only 5 free turns for each player.

The map might appear to be very small since this is the realistic distance that a real-life sniper has to take a shot from, so this is the perfect chance to practice your eyesight and aiming skills. The binocular will narrow down the area and make it easier to spot the enemies, but the task of aiming is all yours. Don't forget to check all the scopes around the places to find out what's inside.

The game appears to be difficult at first, but after a few turns, you can enjoy the beauty of these challenges for free! Keep practicing shooting skills with other games like Stupid Space Shooter and Chicken Shooter right here on our website at https://abcyagames.games/.

How to play:

Use the spacebar to open the scope, left mouse button to aim and shoot.