Drift Cup Racing

Drift Cup Racing is a fast paced drifting game that you can play here on abcya driving games. If you are the kind of racers who never uses the brakes and loves drifting, then you are going to love this cool Drift Cup Racing. This game is all about drifting and performing the perfect curves on your way to the finish line, so all you have to do is to turn left or right, without wasting energy and focus on braking and accelerating. Have fun!

During the race at https://abcyagames.games/, there is a variety of objects and obstacles; oil slicks, standing water and ice should be avoided at all costs otherwise they will slow you down or reduce your control. Each race features a beautiful and challenging track with many hairpin turns, sweeping bends and long straights. The controls are simple and you only have to control your steering – the car accelerates automatically. 

Speed arrows on the other hand will provide your car with a temporary acceleration boost so make good use of these! At the end of each race you can upgrade your vehicle with coins you earn – upgrade the vehicles engine, tires and steering. Have fun drifting and become the ultimate racing champion!

Don't miss the chance to win and share with your friends to join them in this special game. Other new games are for you like Drift Game and Pursuit Race


Arrows left and right / AD to control car