Dragon and Fury

At ABCya 2020, Dragon and Fury is a turn based game and you must clear the different objects on the playing board to perform move combos and devastating attacks. Simply click on a tile to clear it and any adjacent tiles of the same type. Try to clear as many tiles as possible to do increased damage. Wait for enemies to appear to perform your attacks, and try to save your large attacks for groups of soldiers as opposed to single targets. 

Dragon and Fury combines match three gameplay together with elements of tower defense to create an intense and exciting game of strategy. The story begins with an old king - he wants to find gems from the nearby caves and sends out warriors to collect them. However at https://abcyagames.games/, the gems are guarded by a dragon! You control the dragon and must defend your horde of treasure! As you progress the grid becomes larger and more enemies appear. Can you defend your treasure from the evil king?

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Use the mouse to choose an action