Crazy Demolition Derby

Crazy Demolition Derby V1 is a cool multiplayer online driving game which is playable on abcya 2020. Come and have a try! You earn money for every destroyed vehicle and winning round. Buy new cars and don't let your opponent win. Bump into opponents, but never bump directly with the front. Destroy all vehicles in your way. Become untouchable. 

Control a car on a field full of other players and try to crash the crap out of your opponents before you end up in flames. Hit them with the front of you car to cause damage and avoid being hit by them, of course.  The game offers you 3D graphics and fun gameplay, so don’t worry about getting bored. There can be up to 14 people in one lobby. Aside from that the game offers you 6 maps.

At, you start with a 1998 BMW and earn enough money to buy new cool cars, like a powerful Hummer or a fast sports car. Become the king of destruction and kill them all! Join the game and experience a lot of fun. Don't forget to invite your friends. Have fun! 

Try your best to become the first one who reaches the finish line in each race. Good luck! Add more awesome game into your favorite list with Racing Road Block and Park The Taxi 


Use the Arrow keys / WASD to drive

Hold Space to handbrake

F to turbo