Color Couple Bump 3D

Dive into this gorgeous game with one of the best art animations in ABCya land! It's Color Couple Bump 3D fun game, a new choice for the boys and girls who love the kind of game that is colorful and vivid. From a wide range of colors in the palette to the complex in graphics, you can look forward to all features of a well-done animated game here! Your job in this arcade game is to save your little friend who is trapped inside the maze.

It is heard that your best friend was trapped inside for too long already. It's your mission to overcome all the scattered obstacles safely, break through the blocking walls while dodging the colorful blocks. Do all that you can to get him out within the limited time frame. If you manage to finish each level in the shortest time, you might even get some bonuses!

Only by finishing one level can you move onto the next one. Since the game is filled with obstacles and challenges, it's best if you can plan a safe way beforehand to avoid all those dangerous items. Your character can move along the lines and it's up to you to control its movements.

Keep in mind that if you touch even one single colored block, you will have to start all over again. How fast can you get your friend out of the maze at Tons of fun arcade games which will bring back your childhood memory like Remove FRFR and Dragon And Fury are waiting for you!


Use the mouse cursor to control the character.