Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge is a creative puzzle game that you can play here on Games for kids abcya. Some people don't respect the skill and effort that goes into constructing things. With Cargo Bridge you get to teach those people a lesson. Your task is simple, just construct a sturdy enough bridge so that your hapless workers can make their way to their crates, and push them back to where they belong.

Each level supplies you with a certain amount of money to build the bridge (or bridges) necessary to complete the task.Bridges must be built over gaps and around other environmental obstacles, with players using a limited amount of money to buy construction materials. The less money players use to build a working bridge, the higher they score. There is no inappropriate content in this game at, but due to the moderate difficulty, Cargo Bridge is recommended for players age 7 and older.

Really this game will help you review your knowledge and remember new words as much as possible. Discover other similar games in your game list likeRobot Wants Kitty. A puzzle world awaits you. 


Use the mouse to attack the zombie.