Amigo Pancho 2

One of the most important tasks required for Amigo to freely float on air in Amigo Pancho 2 is to keep the obstacles away! You, a flexible and reliable assistant, will be responsible for clearing the way so that our hero Amigo can escape! This is a point-and-click ABCya game that is simple yet requires your utmost attention and quick reaction. If one of the spikes, blocks or cactus touches Amigo, his balloons will be popped, which results in his crashing down.

Don't let the scattered obstacles diminish the chance of exploring the game world of yours with endless fun moments. You cannot control the speed or the direction of moving that Amigo chooses, however, you can control the position of the obstacles. The players will have to remove all the random items quickly and in time to avoid the balloon-bursting hazards. Even the slightest interaction will pop the delicate balloons, therefore, we need you to be fast and precise in movements. How high will you make him fly?

At, the sky is the only limit! For the harder stages, there will be some clusters of obstacles which requires incredibly fast hand movements to take down each piece at a time. With your experience and personal set of skills, it will be fun to enjoy the game! Tons of new games are updated daily with twists and challenges like School Panic and Farm Days

How to play:

Remove the items using the mouse.